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We Lead, They Follow. We Are Hoster Hollywood.

We’re technology lovers, supporters of the best customer-care for stablishing the best relationships, we love to socialize, passioned creatives and architects of operations. We are dreamers proud of being ourselves and delivering great work. We work without stop, express our kindness freely, and always standing for the power of open dialogue over doing things “just because.” We create, we question, we connect. The world call us Hoster Hollywood.

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quote iconWe’re technology lovers, we create, and then we connect. We dream and we want you to dream because with Internet there’s an unlimited amount of options for any of your plans, dream and make your dreams come true. We Lead, They Follow. Lead Now With Us, We Are Hoster Hollywood.


Hoster Hollywood is a Established company since 2022. We make dreams can come true for everyone with our powerful system, hardware, software and all the technology and infrastructures we developed. Find everything you need related with the technology. We Are Hoster Hollywood.

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Truth, Trust & Transparency

We have a formula called ‘’TTT’’ which is one of the most important pillars we have and it describe very well how do we work together at Hoster Hollywood. It is our collective agreement and also what it takes to be successful, as a humans, as a team, and as a company. Together we always work into the truth and transparency, we build trust, and we act completly transparently to everyone and everywhere around the world. All this formula and those ''T''s exists cause of each of other, and when they exist all in one together, then we know we’re working from our greatest strength and integrity. Are you ready?

  • Truth
  • Trust
  • Transparency

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Interactively redefine economically sound services whereas

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Deliver At Lightning Speed

We work fast and hard. We turn ideas into experience quickly, and aren’t afraid to adjust from there. Be prepared to accelerate your skill set in ways you haven’t before. If you light up at the chance to take risks, show your hard work often, and to learn from people that inspire and challenge you. Get more than ready, because you’ll fit right in..

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Own Your Work

Entrepreneurship is at our core. We give responsibility freely and get accountability in return. Everyone thinks independently but works together for the good of our customers. If you’re a self-starter with a zest for driving the direction of your work, and an unshakeable sense of personal agency... Get ready to meet your workplace soulmates.

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Combine Passion With Purpose

We’re very crazy about the internet’s unlimited potential, and we’re committed to keeping it free and open. We love to support University students, starting people, from young to older persons, in general everyone and everywhere exploring the internet potential! Because we know the power of the technology.

We keep everything at best , Performance and Up To Date

Whenever you think about us, we'll be working very hard, taking care to keep all the infrastructures and developed platform to the most up to date version, trying to bring the best performance, security, power and service to every believer who trust in us and it’s part of this constant dream that is for us being able to provide a better Internet world. We are glad and happy to work on what we love and this is a non stop of work to us but we are more than gratified to be able to bring the best possible and most updated technologies as well than everything related with our passion, Internet.

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Support Team 24/7 Working

Our experts will assist you with everything possible whenever you need, we are 24 hours and 7 days a week here for you, seamlessly and free of charge. Just reach us anytime you need. We will be more than glad and happy to assist you, guide you and/or help you out with the matter. Anytime you need, just let us know, we are here for you.

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Behind Every Great Service, There Are Great People

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Jordi Sans

CEO &Founder

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